Two courses for  15  lunch or dinner 

In addition to our full Al La Carte menu, we offer an excellent Menu Del Giorno which literally means 'menu of the day'.
Useful Tip - When travelling around Italy, you will generally eat very well almost everywhere you go. The standard of fare is far less variable than elsewhere in Europe. This is easily explained. The Italians love food. After their children it's their main passion in life, they talk about food more that we Brits talk about the weather. If an establishment dares to serve poor quality food, the word is spread within a day or two. People will passionately inform you, third or fourth hand, that such and such a restaurant is not good, or the pasta isn't fresh, or perhaps they committed the unforgivable sin of over-cooking the Risotto.
Everyone is a critic, most with very good cause. They generally can all cook to astonishingly professional standards.
With such a difficult crowd to please, you can see why a bad restaurant will fail within months. One bad review can sometimes be all it takes, to put a place out of business.

We are proud to say that, we have been serving the locals of Sondrio with great food for well over a decade.
We must be doing something right as we like to say. 

Sorry, back to the Menu Del Giorno;

For 15 for either lunch or dinner you will receive a filling two course meal.
There is a choice of three freshly made starters, pasta or risotto type dishes.
Followed by a choice of three main courses, fish or meat served with potatoes.
You can help yourself to our salad buffet.

Bread and cover charge are included. All beverages are charged in addition. 

As you enter the restaurant the black board will always display the Menu Del Giorno 

Wherever you go in Italy, don't feel embarrassed to ask to see the Menu Del Giorno.
Most places have one, although the waiter will generally bring the al la carte menu to the table for tourists, as this is normal practice.
It's not that they want to sell you the most expensive dishes; they generally simply want to impress you with their extensive repertoire.

Buon Appetito